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Pigeon racing in Ukraine

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Despite the fact that not many pigeon fanciers from Europe know much about the pigeon racing in Ukraine, this country has a long history of this sport and recently has made a lot of progress to reach the European level. Ukraine is situated in the Eastern part of Europe between the Carpathian Mountains and the Black Sea. Pigeon racing in Ukraine has started long before the country became independent. Since the independence many fanciers from different regions of Ukraine have worked hard in order to take pigeon racing to the top level. One of the greatest examples of those achievements is the four star award given in 2007 to by the FCI in Brussels to one of the lofts that is situated in city of Pavlivkawhich is situated in Western region of Ukraine.

This loft was organised by Mathias Hopfner from Germany two years ago and has become one of the most popular lofts among Ukrainian fanciers. The year 2007 was especially interesting since many new fanciers not only from Ukraine but from other countries including France, Germany, Belgium, Czech Republic, Latvia, Netherland, Romania, Poland and Russia took part in competition. Result from the final race 400km with 300 birds shows that Ukrainian strains are capable of competing with birds from other countries as well.The ace pigeon 2007 is owned by Valery Vilkevitch. Both parents are direct Moulin Rouge Breeding Stud (France), a Barbry-Reynaert successful crossing. Notice that the last race was a very hard one. Only a few youngsters were back the same day. Five pigeons from Moulin Rouge Breeding Stud were on the list of the returned pigeons in spite of the extreme weather conditions.Valery Vilkevitch is a new fancier who lives in Kiev (capital of Ukraine). Since he got 12 pairs of direct Moulin Rouge in his breeding loft, his results have increased amazingly. The Ace pigeon of the club was also one of his youngster. I have seen a result where he had performed the 16 first positions in the race. No doubt that those pigeons are this type of pigeon is exactly what we need in Ukraine. Resistant and fast.


Results from the Final flight in Pavlivka Loft 2007 (400km)

Pos. Ring Number             Fancier
1.     UA-07-3234-9501    Karanko Roman
2.     UA-07-3236-9024    Kachmar Ostap
3.      UA-07-0322-6659    Bordun Myhailo
4.      UA-07-062-00103    Dakachenko Ihor
5.      UA-07-0482-6709    Kurovsky Roman
6.      UA-07-0482-6843    Yegorov Viktor
7.      BEL-07-2238994      Bricon Team (Belgium)
8.      UA-07-3131-7775    Balash Vasyl
9.      UA-07-0622-00031  Pikhulya Myhailo
10.    UA-07-3234-7712    Stanishevskyy Yuriy
11.    BEL-07-4115346      Bricon Team (Belgium)
12.    UA-07-3131-9217    Almashi Ivan
13.    UA-07-044-1020      Vilkevych Valera
14.    UA-07-0342-1516    Mrits Volodymyr
15.    UA-07-3236-10385  Kulgan Ihor
16.    FR-07-147533          Moulin Rouge (France)
17.    UA-07-3236-10325  Kulhan Ihor
18.    BEL-07-2238991     Brikon Team (Belgium)
19.    UA-07-0482-7086    Larin Georgyi

20.    DV-07-07407-665    Gebel Alexander (Germany)



The territories where the flights are taking place are the plane steps of Ukraine. The climate conditions sometimes can change dramatically during the season from the hot sunny days to heavy showers. So every flight for the birds is an additional challenge. Except mentioned loft in Pavlivka there are two additional lofts in Kiev (Central Ukraine) and Genichevsk (Southern part of Ukraine). Lots of fanciers in Ukraine have organised pigeon racing clubs. One of the oldest clubs is located in city Lviv in the western part of Ukraine near the border of Poland. Officially this club was founded in 1958. At present more then 100 fanciers are taking active part in the competitions organised by the club. Pigeons are put into a total 12 races starting from 160 up to 910km long. The competitions are performed according to the international rules by FCI in four categories: A, B, C, D. Each year the best pigeons are picked in each category by the most wins in a specific category during the season. Those pigeons are placed on the central exhibition that is organised. In 2009 the best pigeons from Ukraine will be represented at the 31st International Exhibition that will take place in Dortmund.The last five years has seen changes for the Ukrainian fans of pigeon racing. Using new advanced technologies for calculating distances as well as usage of electronic devices to time the returning birds this has changed the level of pigeon racing in Ukraine dramatically. Exchange of information has been a major factor for these changes. Communication has made possible with access to new methods of racing, top brands of medicine, as well as information about the famous fanciers from Europe. All this taken together is helping to develop a stronger community among pigeon fanciers and raises new goals for them. Since 2004 Ukraine started to produce the journal about the pigeon racing called ‘Friend of Birds’ which is a great source of information. Many websites about this sport are starting to show up as well. As for the strains that are used in races most are produced by the fanciers from Ukraine who dedicated their life to improving the racing strains. Among those people are Zuk Roman, Shalai Yaroslav,Dubas Ivan, Shymchak Ivan, Somyk Stepan, Molenda Volodymyr, Bordun Myhailo, Kmet Roman, Pshyk Myron and many others. Their stains are still one of the best and widely used by many fanciers in Ukraine. Recently many other strains from Europe are starting to be used by fanciers from this country as well. Among those are the stains from Moulin Rouge (France), Van der Merwe (Netherland), Batenburg (Netherland), Reynaert (‘Figo’ lines and Barbry) and Gebels (Germany). There days the futures of the Ukraine in the arena of pigeon racing lays in the hands of many people that are working hard to improve the quality of the competition and organizing races on the European level. Such people like Mathias Hopfner, Taras Pomirchyy, Pruhnitskyy Oleh and Romaha Vitaliy work very hard in order to to raise this incredible passion in Ukraine to the next level.

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